Hi Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is freaking hard to go trough and I know that because I have it. I know how hard it get´s, some times you feel like a damn boss and that everything is going to be ok and other times seems that you are not gonna make it and you get scared of […]

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Ohh World…

I always try to be positive and show that to people but lately has been difficult. Today I want to talk about topics that are not very “light”. Recently here in Portugal happened something that just made very angry, a normal couple (for me a normal couple is 2 people that loves each other very […]

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Translating the song – Andreas Bourani – Auf uns / “Andreas Bourani – Auf uns” übersetzen

I love to hear song’s in Deutsch and since and I’m learning to speak the language, I decided that was a good idea to translate it into English and Portuguese. Ich höre Deutsch Musik gern und seither Ich lerne zu spreche die Sprache, Ich entschieden zu die lyrisch in Portugiesisch und Englisch übersetzen. Original Lyric: Wer […]

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Five Struggles everyone has

Let´s have a moment of realization…life can be amazing but have you thought about everything thing you get trow on a regular basis. You might think “oh but is not a big deal” and well…it´s not but just think with me. 1º Struggle: I love the weather in Portugal but having 45º degrees in the […]

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3 Books Reviews: Jojo Moyes

I love to read romances and that brings the typical cliches so when an author does a novel but with details that you weren´t expecting is amazing. One of my favorites authors is Jojo Moyes. I think she is an amazing writer, in her books you find a lesson, different ways to see certain situations […]

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True friendships, in my opinion, are kinda hard to have. I have lost a lot of  “friends” and I put the quotation marks because you don´t end friendships based on idiotic reasons, for example, I was in a movie with a couple of friends and I didn´t want to take a picture so one of […]

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Breathtaking places in Portugal!

I love to travel and when you are living in a country with such good food, weather and places to visit, it´s important for you to see it before going to another place. Portugal is known for the wine, beaches, weather, monuments and more. So since I already visit different places here, I decided to […]

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